In addition to all of the mainstream tools and features that Google is known for, there are actually a lot of tools that you likely did not even know existed. There are so many good tools that it would be overwhelming to address them all in this post, but below outlines some of the most popular and influential.

There really is something for everyone and every business or employment position you can imagine. All 13 of these app descriptions have links where you can find them online yourself & they are in no particular order. This list should be a good one to get you started exploring some of the many apps Google has to offer:

1. Google Think Insights

This Google tool is aimed at marketers who want to analyze consumer trends, key statistics, industry research, and marketing insights. Additionally, the reason this is one of the best tools for marketers is because it allows you to filter by industry, marketing objectives, ad and content type, and by region This tool is also unique in the way that it presents its data; it is extremely accessible and also aesthetically appealing.

2. Google Authenticator

The Google Authenticator app generates 2-step verification codes on your phone, on Android or iOS. This is ultimately a security feature that prevents any hijacking of your device(s) and services. Google Authenticator produces a six-to-eight digit password that users have to input in addition to their username and password.

3. Google Takeout

If you want to have the ability to download and archive your data from your +1’s, Google+ Circles, contacts, and Picasa Web albums this is the best app that Google has to offer!

4. Google Full Value of Mobile

If you have been following blog posts within the last year, most of them emphasize the importance of optimizing for mobile, but sometimes people run into problems with making this happen. The Google Full Value Mobile app  helps to give feedback and important data on how mobile drives business and how customers interact with them through their mobile site, apps, calls, in-store and cross-device. If for example you want to drive up app downloads, there is a calculator tool that can help you plan to increase this particular aspect of mobile use.

5. Primer

This is probably one of my favorite, least talked about Google applications. Primer was developed to help startups market online. The application is centered on 5-minute lessons covering things like executing content marketing, gaining media coverage, and understanding search engines.It also offers quizzes and case studies to help you advance your knowledge of marketing techniques.

6. Google SketchUp

Google SketchUp allows you to create anything in 3D and offers a  community gallery for added inspiration. This is relevant to more businesses than you might imagine, and it is incredible easy to use. Start creating anything from a new office space design to a new product concept.

7. Photo Sphere Camera

This Photo Sphere Camera app is available for both iOS and Android, however it is available as a standalone app on iOS, and is essentially made for Android because it utilizes features already within the Android operating system (which is why iOS is a stand alone application).

What is good about this app? With Photo Sphere, you can create 360-degree, high resolution panoramas which you can publish directly to Google Maps.

8. What Do You Love? (from Google)

This app can be particularly useful for exploring products related to your business (possibly your competition) because it aggregates content related to specific topics from across the Google product network.

9. Panoramio

This is a very cool photo application with allows users to have access to a photo sharing community. People are able to share and see their pictures of the world mashed up over the Google maps tool.

10. Google Sites

If you are interested in self publishing this is the application you need to look at first! Google allows you to launch an intranet for your company, a project site for your team or a portal for customers with their site builder. Consider that this is all without writing a single line of code.

11. Google Fonts

Google Fonts has to be one of the best things that ever happened for content publishing. With this application you can get access to 630+ high-quality web fonts. Additionally, there is a search function that allows you to search fonts by thickness, slant, and width. All of the fonts available are free for both public and private use.

The Takeaway

After looking at just a few of the many applications that Google has to offer it is clear that there is something that can benefit many different business and marketing specialists. Give some of the ones on this list a try and see how use of Google’s unique and diverse apps can benefit you.

Have you tried any of the applications on this list? Do you have anything to recommend our readers? Let us know in the comments section below.