Checking out some of the Slideshare presentations that were uploaded this year is a great way to learn what other companies find important as well as take a look back at some of the lessons and changes that occurred in 2014. According to Slideshare, it is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations and among one of the 120 most visited websites in the world. The site sees nearly 60 million unique visitors per month. In other words, it’s an excellent resource to help you look back on the year and read some of the coolest presentations that were given in the SEO space in 2014.

Anyone is allowed to upload files (PowerPoint, PDF, OpenOffice, etc.) and it’s free for people to view. A few other benefits of Slideshare include:

  • You can search for specific topics, which will help you find other related presentations you may not have been looking for initially.
  • This is an easier way to post a presentation than trying to send out countless emails that might not get opened.
  • It’s open to all different industries and works as a directory.
  • You can follow specific people/ companies so that you are up to date with the videos being updated. On that same note, every person/ company has a profile page so that all of the presentations are in one place.

Slideshare is often compared to YouTube except it features slideshows instead of videos, and there is a PRO version available that offers analytics, private sharing, uploading larger files, capturing leads, etc. Visit this page to learn more about the PRO features.

Top SEO Slideshare Presentations Published This Past Year

Fortunately, the online marketing industry, and particularly those talking about SEO, is one of the niches where you will find the most slideshare presentations. Below are some of the top slideshare presentations we saw this year covering SEO and online marketing subjects, along with a screenshot of my favorite slide (great idea taken from Bufferapp!):

5 Keys to Local Search Success in 2014

Author: Rand Fishkin, Founder of Moz

This list wouldn’t be complete without at least one Rank Fishkin slideshare presentation. Fishkin is notoriously known in the SEO industry as one of the best slideshare’ers around, so I highly recommend checking out his page for even more awesome presentations. In the meantime, this is a great presentation because it focuses on how small businesses can stand out from the crowd in competitive local niches as opposed to spending time on the basics of SEO (which so many articles do). It offers really unique advice and is full of great screenshots. It keeps the message short with just 5 points, but it goes into enough detail to really give you the full picture.


The Art & Science of Content Promotion

Author: HubSpot

This was originally a presentation for the Inbound Conference this year and was presented by Marketing Director of HubSpot Kieran Flanagan. You’ll notice right away that there are 123 slides, which is more than average, but the slides are quick to flip through as you find the content you really want. The presentation is funny and offers some great tips about a top that is only becoming more important—content promotion. A lot of information is covered, so this is a great one not to miss.


10 Mobile Trends for 2014 and Beyond

Author: JWTIntelligence

You can never have too many mobile tips, and understanding mobile trends is your first step. Unfortunately, many company owners jump to different mobile optimization techniques without stopping to think about how trends can help them become more innovative. This is a more advanced presentation that has a great deal of content on just about every single slide (that’s 87 to be exact). If you’re up for some reading, there is some great information in this presentation.


The Future of Content Marketing

Author: IAcquire

IAcquire has always been a company that puts out great content, and this presentation is no exception. There is a graph on a majority of the slides to help you visualize information, and they delve into what they call the “content conundrum” to talk about some of the most puzzling content marketing questions and how they relate to SEO.


40 Tools in 20 Minutes: Hacking Your Marketing Career

Author: Eric Leist, Product Marketer at Skyhook Wireless

This presentation is cool mainly because of the subject matter. Marketing online is only becoming more and more involved, so it can be overwhelming for those in the industry trying to keep up. Leist discusses 40 tools to help and keeps things short and to the point. For 40 tools, there are only 49 slides, all of which include screenshots of the tool to help you see how they can work for you.


A User-Centered Approach to Building Content for Traffic & Links

Author: SEMRush

This presentation talks about link building and how to make sure you’re focusing on your audience, which was a topic we had to add to this list. The slideshare offers a lot of examples and keeps things organized with a table of contents, so it’s one not to miss.

Extra: SEMRush also includes quite a few slideshare presentations for their Spanish-speaking audience, so check out their profile page if you’re interested!


Game-Planning Your Online Video Strategy (Content Marketing Institute Webcast)

Author: Joe Pulizzi, Founder of Content Marketing Institute; Published by Michael Kolowich, Founder of KnowledgeVision Systems

This is a great example of how a webcast can be made into a successful presentation. There were two speakers at the webcast, one of them being Michael Kolowich, so you’ll find a lot of quotes and a clear agenda in this presentation. My favorite slide below helps to show that this presentation offers some unique perspectives that you won’t find in most slideshare presentations, so in my opinion it’s one of the best.


Of course, there are many more great slideshare presentations out there. Whether it’s your own presentation or one you read, let us know which ones stood out to you and what you learned in the comment section below.