Sometimes companies get so caught up in social media strategy and what readers are seeing on the company social accounts that they forget the real meaning of social media and what it has to offer. While having a social strategy for your franchise company is great (essentially really), it’s important to remember how social media can help you as a learner. These networks are excellent places to keep up with the latest news in your industry and learn something from experts—you just have to know who to follow.

Top SEO Franchise Gurus to Follow on Social Media This New Year

Believe it or not, finding franchise personalities on social media is not quite as easy to do as you would think. You can find plenty of authoritative voices in the SEO industry or business in general, but those who specialize in franchise management are few and far between.

Nonetheless, there are a few who are doing a great job offering insightful information. Below are some of the top influencers in the franchise industry and why you should follow them for franchise discussions and resources:

  1. Joel Libava. Works and coined the phrase The Franchise King.

Libava has been one of the top gurus in the industry for quite some time, and he continues to publish insightful articles on franchise topics all across the web. He is constantly sharing his articles and others on his social profiles. When it comes to social media, Libava knows what clicks and what is relevant to his audience, so he’s a great person to follow if you’re looking to discover new information and resources.

Twitter: @FranBizPlans

Google+: +TheFranchiseKing

YouTube: Joe Libava

  1. Paul Segreto. CEO of Texas-based Franchise Foundry.

I first heard of Segreto because he was honored as a Top 100 Champion in the 2014 Small Business Influencer Awards. He has over 25 years experience in the franchise sphere and puts a focus on all different levels of franchise management and ownership. You’ll find that he offers a lot of advice based on strategies he has built with franchise companies in the past, and he is incredibly knowledgeable about a variety of franchise segments..

Twitter: @PaulSegreto

Google+: +Paul Segreto, CFE

YouTube: Paul Segreto, CFE

  1. Alan George. Founding team member of

George has been on the franchise scene for a long time and continually pops up on different blogs and in social media. He offers consulting advice from both sales and marketing aspects and has over ten years experience in building and developing franchise brands. If you’re a little bit more advanced and looking to expand, you’ll find some good stuff here.

Twitter: @AlanFranMarkSys

Google+: +Alan George Franchise

YouTube: Alan George

  1. Christopher Conner. Franchise Marketing Systems Development.

Conner has experience that ranges across all fields of franchise expertise, and according to his bio has worked with multiple International franchise and licensed organizations throughout the United States, Middle East, India, and Europe. He posts on social media about several different franchise topics and is even a contributor right here on Franchising USA Magazine. His bragging rights: Sold 603 Franchises in 2012.

Google+: +Christopher Conner

YouTube: Christopher Conner

  1. Maria Carty-Mole. Online Editor of Franchise Direct.

You can usually leave it to an online editor to have a great social media presence. Carty-Mole doesn’t have quite as many followers as the others, but Franchise Direct seems to be up and coming and something we’re going to see more of in 2015. She posts great resources about franchise development and she draws from sources other than her own, so she’s someone to keep on your radar.

Google+: +Maria Carty-Mole

YouTube: Maria Carty-Mole

  1.  Chris Brewer. Online Marketing Giant.

Brewer does not specialize in franchise marketing or management like the other four gurus on the list, but you’ll find that his information and connections are very much connected with the franchise industry. He shares more general business information about online presence (particularly SEO) that can be transferred over to franchise lessons. If you’re surfing around social media looking for franchise influencers and topics, you’ll like find Brewer.

Twitter: @momarketer

Google+: +ChrisBrewer

YouTube: Chris Brewer

Do you know of any great franchise personalities or influencers on social media? Do you know of any companies that publish good franchise content on social media? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.