A major consideration in content generation is producing writing that will last and be relevant a significant amount of time, known as evergreen content. Probably just as important to your site’s reputability is also producing content that is time sensitive. It demonstrates that you are up-to-date and releasing the newest information possible to your readers, so that they see it as an extra value of visiting your site. While you can go about SEO in a similar way for both evergreen and time sensitive content in most cases, there are some specific things to keep in mind relevant to time sensitive content. Because of this, it is best to optimize these time sensitive pages for the best SEO possible, so here are some tips and tricks.

Its time sensitive for a reason!

When you are dealing with content that is time sensitive, it is important to be quick and on-top of producing the information as fast as possible for SEO. Do not wait until the last minute, for example, for a specific event or announcement to happen. If you do, it may be too late to increase SEO efforts and link building and that will impact your content’s SEO. Start work immediately so that you are ready to go!

Dont delete pages you see as no longer relevant

Although it may be tempting to get rid of content once it is no longer relevant but your  company will lose any SEO value that page earned, and thus, it is much better to keep up the page or website up anyway. There is always a chance that the page may become relevant again, and then you have all of your hard-earned SEO in-tact for the content. Repurposing or changing content slightly so that it can become evergreen is also possible, so be sure to always keep the page optimized!

Try to be one step ahead

With time sensitive content, it is advisable to try to be one step ahead of the game and anticipate things like events or potential updates and news. Get an idea of what keywords you may want to use in link building and start to generate content that can be put on your site or blog as soon as it is relevant.

Know where to direct your focus

With time sensitive content you are often put in a position of having to direct focus on one event over another, or shift gears very quickly. In order to know where and how to direct your efforts it is a really good idea to be well planned and organized in your efforts. If an event needs to take priority to achieve the best SEO, let it take priority over content you want to produce that is less time-sensitive, that way your SEO can begin to take off as soon as possible. It is important to maintain a sense of balance between time sensitive content and evergreen content, that way your readers know they can count on your site for both the latest information and content that will hold it’s value over time.