Google Analytics has been running a YouTube channel for quite some time, but they haven’t created a long-form video in several months until recently. This week they focused on TV insights, which is something that has slowly disappeared for many businesses as online marketing takes the forefront. While online marketing may be where your audience lies, it’s hard to argue that TV isn’t still on the map. Even with streaming services and cable channels, we still see a select number of ads.

With this in mind, many companies have dabbled in Adometry by Google and TV Attribution, and it’s crucial that you’re able to measure your ROI and be able to analyze TV and digital data together for “cross-screen” behavior insights. This will help both of your digital strategies, and fortunately it’s easy to get started.

The Google video below at almost 40 minutes long explains 5 tips for amplifying TV dollars with digital, so spend some time checking out examples and tips straight from the source. Then, let us know your thoughts and your experiences with these tips and with TV and digital insights in the comment section below.