WordPress plugins are constantly being introduced, and by now it seems that there is a plugin for everything, including SEO. Most companies are already using some sort of SEO or social plugin, but there have actually been a few new features and updates as well as completely new plugins altogether that can give you another layer of success for your website. Consider some of the new plugins that have been introduced in 2015 thus far:

Twitter Plugin for WordPress

This new plugin comes first because it has been so anticipated by WordPress users. It was finally released on Feburary 25 and works by allowed WordPress sites to embed Twitter content and grow their audience on Twitter. It includes features such as Twitter Cards, Analytics, Embedded Tweets and Video, a Tweet and Follow button, Twitter Advertising, and a Base Library.


This plugin helps to make Google Analytics simple in WordPress. You will have all of your statistics under the Posts/Pages of your WordPress site and can even access your Google Analytics Dashboard right there from your WordPress dashboard. This plugins offers a huge list of features, some being top keywords, list of top referrers, mobile device statistics, and more.

Sitemap Generator For Google News

Google News has been on the minds of a lot of marketers lately, but there hasn’t really been a plugin to help. This new plugin helps users provide a publication name manually if you don’t want it to be your homepage name, provide site language using Google’s language codes, help you include different categories, and more.

Ultimate Member

This is a plugin that I suspect will grow quickly in popularity now that user profiles are becoming more popular. It’s important to customize everything you can for your users, so creating profiles helps to create these communities. It allows users to sign up and become members of your site while still giving you customization options including custom email templates, content restrictions, SEO options, and more.

Users Ultra

This plugin is quite similar to the last plugin discussed in that it creates advanced user communities in just a few minutes. You can create as many fields as you want by using the Fields Customizer Tool and is a great option for beginners.

EZ PayPal

More and more companies are starting to use PayPal when it comes to transactions, so this is a great plugin to help you sell your product/ service online. You can quickly setup an online store and then create a fully automated process all without having to leave WordPress. There used to be another version of this plugin, but the new release is a complete rewrite of the last version with a slicker design and more features to play around with.

Store Locator Plus – Google Maps

This is a Google Maps API licensed location mapping and directory system. In other words, it can help you manage multiple physical locations through WordPress without having to have any type of special programming. You enter in your locations, create a page for each location, and you’ll have a map ready to go. There are also several customization options when it comes to different information regarding each location, so in my opinion this is a must-have.

As you might have imagined, there are quite a few more plugins that have been updated in 2015 (784 to be exact!). I recommend visiting the Plugin Directory from WordPress to see your options and type in a keyword if you’re interested in certain tasks. If you’re just curious about what’s new, use the keyword (2015) to get the list of 784.

Is there a new plugin that you like to use that just came out this year? Are you a developer creating a plugin? Let us know in the comment section below.