When it comes to the SEO industry, it’s a little bit harder to attend a University and get a formal degree in the field. This can sometimes throw off new business owners, and unfortunately this can often lead to the assumption that learning on your own is the only option and is the answer to success. While it can be done, most veteran SEOs will tell you that attending conferences and learning from those with experience is the best way to really master the art and science of SEO. The importance of ranking well on Google isn’t going anywhere, so the sooner you can get educated, the better.

Below are some of the most popular coming up over the next few months in the U.S.:

Many of the conferences listed above have events in other countries on different dates and many are also held yearly, so it’s important to research the conferences and see when you can attend. Once you’ve decided what will benefit your company the most, you have to prepare.

Tips and Tricks to Get Ready for an SEO Conference

If you’ve never attended an SEO conference before, there are actually quite a few things that will catch you by surprise. The better prepared you are going into the conference, the more you will be able to take advantage of all it has to offer. Consider some of the tips below to having a successful conference:

  • Talk with anyone you know in the industry and see if they are attending.

Chances are you know a few people in either your industry or the SEO industry (usually through guest blogging, connecting on social media, etc.) that might attend the conference. Send an email and see if there is somewhere you can meet in person. If this is someone you’ve only worked with online, meeting in person is a great way to bring that working relationship to the next level.

  • Research the different presentations ahead of time.

There are typically many different presentations that will be held at an SEO conference, so you’ll have choices. Go to the conference website and really research what each presentation will discuss as well as who will be speaking. This will help make sure you’re not scrambling to decide where you should go to get the most for your time and money.

  • See if the presentations will be available after the conference and take notes accordingly.

Remember that many of the presentations you see will be available online after the conference. If this is the case, there is no need to spend the entire presentation writing down every point and every little detail. Write down what the speaker says that you find very valuable, but you don’t see on the presentation slides.

  • Write down a list of questions and then see which speakers align with those questions.

There is always an opportunity to ask questions at an SEO conference, so have a list ready to go. Do your research (as discussed above) and determine where you should go to get these questions answered. Many people assume that questions will come to them while in a presentation, and this could very well be true, but you’ll have better luck if you have a few going into the conference.

  • Bring business cards and keep your bag light.

It might sound obvious, but don’t forget those business cards! You also want to keep your bag light because you’ll typically be moving around and having to quickly take notes and work on your computer.

Most SEO professionals try to attend one conference per year, but it all depends on your goals and what your website needs. After your first few conferences, you’ll start to get the hang of it and you won’t miss a beat.

Do you have any tips for having a great SEO conference? What do you wish you did before you attending your first conference? Let us know your story and your thoughts in the comments below.