Going to SEO conferences is an excellent way to make connections and learn about SEO subjects from some of the best in the industry. However, if you’re new to SEO you might need something a little bit more intimate. If you still want to create partnerships but need something a little bit more hands-on or more affordable, an SEO workshop might be a great place to start.

SEO conferences might seem more popular, but those who have been to a workshop will tell you that you sometimes need that solid foundation before really being able to take advantage of one of the larger conferences like SMX or ClickZ Live.

Top SEO Workshops and Training Sessions Coming Up This Year

Below are some of the most popular SEO training sessions and workshops you’ll find in 2014 and 2015 thus far:

  1. Search Engine Academy Workshops.

These are some of the most popular workshops because you have so many choices. Search Engine Academy specializes in workshops, so they offer beginner to advanced levels all over the world for all different prices. There are three main workshops that they offer:

  • Essentials SEO Workshop, 2 days, $1097. This is a workshop for beginners, so it covers the basics of getting results as well as understanding search engine processes. You receive hands-on practice customized to your needs.
  • Master SEO Workshop, 5 days, $2497. This is the longest conference that goes through different topics each day. You go from the basics like getting results, then the search engine process, advanced SEO strategies, Google Day, and a final day of advanced SEO tactics.
  • Advanced SEO Workshop, 3 days, $1497. In three days you have advanced SEO strategies, Google Day, and a final day of advanced strategies. Again, the lessons are catered to the class’ needs.

Again, you can find these all over the world from different cities in the US to Poland and Finland. Check out the link above to see how to register and what dates they will be holding workshops in your city. When you complete the course, you will even get a certificate of completion from the program.

  1. BCI SEO Training.

BCI stands for “Bruce Clay Inc.,” one of the leading experts in SEO. He often speaks at the larger conferences and seminars, but he also offers smaller workshops that talk about improving your rankings and different white hat techniques you should be using. He has been hosting these workshops in conjunction with the SMX conference all around the world from Milan to major cities in the US, but this workshop sells out fast! For the workshop only, prices start at $1195 and the workshop lasts just one day.

  1. LunaMetrics Training Workshops.

This is another company that puts on workshops all year all across the country. Instead of focusing only on SEO like the last workshops, they offer a few other online marketing options to help you supplement your SEO strategies. The three major training sessions they offer include:

  • Google Analytics, AdWords, & Tag Manager Trainings, 4 days. These workshops aren’t always coupled together, so prices vary from $499 to $2,295. You work with three different experts to learn more about these topics, and you can choose to learn about just one in detail if that’s the workshop you’d rather choose.
  • Google AdWords Training, 2 days. You have the choice of either a beginner or intermediate course. You will learn about reporting, quality score, choosing keywords, writing copy, and much more.
  • Google Tag Manager Workshop, 1 day. The Google Tag Manager is one of the biggest ways to take advantage of Google products and features, but many people still don’t know how it really works. As you might imagine, this workshop will help give you an understanding.

Extra Tip: Many of the larger conferences like ClickZ Live and Pubcon offer smaller workshops you can sign up for before the major conference. Visit the websites to see how you can get involved if you are attending the larger seminar.

Do you know of any other great SEO training workshops? Let us know your thoughts and about your experiences in the comment section below.