One of the most underutilized Google resources out there is the Google for Work YouTube channel that Google offers. Because Google has so many different channels full of great (and exclusive) information, this one can sometimes fall through the cracks, but it actually focuses on being one of the most relevant channels to businesses trying to use Google and Google features for their company. They post new videos on the channel about twice per week, and they vary from interviews to presentations to Google recaps.

One of the most interesting things you’ll find on the channel is a series called The Apps Show. We used to see John Merrifield, Google Account Executive, and Debbie Liu, Google Community Manager, who created over 100 episodes, but the New Year means new experts (both John and Debbie got new jobs within Google, don’t worry). We will now start to see videos from Program Manager Jimmy Tran and Global Training Lead Jenny Brown. Regardless of which videos you find, they all explain how to get more advanced with a Google app or feature.

Breaking Down Google Drive Features for Better Collaboration

As you may have guessed, these videos do a great job of offering advice that can directly help small businesses. Google Drive offers many features that can help collaboration with your employees, which is crucial to link building strategies and content marketing organization. If you’re not using Google Docs or your Google Drive, you may want to use it as a supplement to your efforts to help streamline all of your Google processes.

One of the most recent videos focuses on using comments in Docs, Sheets, and Slides. This can help you put together a report or presentation without having to keep track of email threads. According to the description, “Just add a Comment wherever you want in the document, your teammate will get an email alert and go directly where needed in the Doc.” So how do you actually do that? Check out the video below:

As you can see, the video not only walks you through how to get started with these features but it gives you advice you can actually put into practice. I have used the Chrome extension KeyRocket before so Jenny is spot on with her analysis, so these videos are great ways to help take your SEO to the next level. Utilize these tools to make sure your content is being published in the right places, with the right links, and most important, is quality for your readers.

You can find The Apps Show episodes on Google’s YouTube channel Google for Work. Check it out and let us know which videos are your favorites and if you have any questions in the comment section below. Remember to subscribe if you really like the channel, and check out other Google channels on their official YouTube page.